Woke Woman


Woke Woman is a movement that serves to empower Muslim Women to become Pious, Productive and Powerful. We are a no-fluff movement (kittens are always welcome though), all about reclaiming our authenticity, becoming confident in our own skins, and implementing Islam in our modern lives in a way that we can achieve success – both in this life and in the hereafter. Re-shaping what it means to be Muslim, female, and successful in America today. We are Woke.

A Word From The Director and Founder of Woke Woman​

Hello everyone, this is Kashmir here! We are so excited about merging Woke Woman and The Strangers – it’s been a long time coming!

You may be wondering why, and that’s a great question! So, Woke Woman is an organization that works closely with Muslim women creatives- we place a focus on the coaching and mentorship model to help our tribe of sisters establish and manifest their creative passion project goals and/ or writing portfolio (poets, fiction + non-fiction writers). We help our clients get through the publication phase with ease, and land opportunities that take their life goals to the next level! So, as you can see, The Strangers and Woke Woman work hand-in-hand to coach, train, and then platform Muslim creatives in this niche space so that we can actively celebrate the talent in our beautiful community!

Ultimately, we hope that this work we do allows people to be touched by the power of creativity, especially when it is connected to our passionate purpose in this worldly life. We pray Allah is pleased with it, Ameen!

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