Poetic Justice Project: Restore The Earth

What We Can Do

We can become more informed by watching the netflix series Our Planet and reading more on the BBC Earth Website.

We can also plant trees here to stop deforestation and help stop the spread of the Sahara Desert here.

We also highly recomment this book by Ibrahim Abdul-Matin which talks about Islam and the Earth. You can get it here.

Great change does not happen by big things. It is the small things we do that make the biggest difference; the greatest impact-If we can do them together.

Here are some ways to do that.

A Shout Out To The poets:


Naimah Baptiste, Sabrina Azhar, Nidha Sha, Rujiya Sultana, Maryam Hamza, Shaista Hussain, Kashmir Maryam, Aishah Alam
(order is not based on ‘appearance’)