Project: A Poem For Palestine

We are honored to present a poem for Palestine as part of a Poetic Justice Project. 

It is easy to feel exhausted with the question of how we can help. The situation seems like it will never end and we can even become desensitized to it by swiping over our feeds and finding other things to read or see. But this situation is not going to stop until we do something about it. Until we become stronger in our religion and our strength as an Ummah, a nation.

Here are a few practical steps on how we can do something:

1. Dua: Don’t trivialize the power of dua. It is sad but to say ‘make dua’ seems to be a claim which insinuates that is the least powerful thing that we can do in this situation. But it is the prayers of prophets and messengers which completely changed the world. It was the prayer of Ibrahim (AS) that made Mecca a desert land, now abundant in life and believers in Allah. Dua is one of the most powerful weapons of the believers and the strongest dua is from the purest of hearts and when our hearts are pure, this is when our words will truly have power.

2. Remain aware: Don’t forget this is ongoing. Remain informed and aware and become educated about the reality of the situation so you defend the truth with knowledge. Read, research and watch and then think about how we can do something to make a change. What does Islam say about the issue? Check it out here. Another good website to find out more is American Muslims For Palestine

3. Truth to power: Make our elected officials accountable. Challenge them to speak up about the issue and when they advocate for injustice, they must be told to make it right. We should judge our candidates by where they stand in relation to Palestine and Israel.

4. Give: There are so many charities that give directly to those in Gaza like this one

The situation in Palestine is not one based on where a person is from. As Muslims, it is our religious obligation to speak about a colonialization project in 2021. We must do something, even if it seems small. It only takes many of us to do it together, and then we will see change.

A special thank you to our singer and poets. 

Justin Beauchamp, Kashmir Maryam, Asim The Poet, Samiha Almaz Anzary, Anam Raheem, Shaista Hussain, Azmena Ali, Rujiya Sultana, Sabrina Azhar, Zulaiha Jehangir, Fatma Anwar, Maryam Jameela Haniff, Seemab Zahra, Zahraa Fares, Asna Khan, Leen Abozaid, Zeenath Kowsher Rauf