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Poetic Justice | An Anthology Of Poems By Muslims

Poetic Justice is a compilation of poems by Muslims from around the globe on the topics of Palestine, Uyghur Muslims in East Turkistan, Environmental justice and Black Lives Matter. With over 40 contributors, this work of art is a testimony of the most concurrent events of 2019 and 2021, during which time the poems were compiled.

The Strangers Poets Inc is a non- profit organization based in New York. As the sponsoring entity of this book, with one of our core values being Community, it is our mission to collaborate, create, and unite with Muslim creatives around the globe, using our art to mobilize a movement which facilitates positive changes in the world. For this reason, all the proceeds from the sales will go towards all the proceeds from the sales will go towards our non profit charity and 5% to Palestine through the The Servants Promise– a charitable organization which provides emergency ground relief—such as blankets and food—to the people of Palestine.

Welcome To Our Publishing Department!

Strange Inc Press is an imprint of The Strangers Poets Inc. The books we publish are aimed at fulfilling our mission: Our mission is helping Muslim Creatives find and amplify their voices. A portion of the profits from our books go towards a chosen cause, related to a topic we have written about. The cause is chosen by The Strangers Poets Inc. community.

Hend Hegazi | Publishing Department Head

Hend Hegazi is an Egyptian-American author, writing coach, and freelance editor. She is also the Editorial Director of Muslimah Writers, an online organization dedicated to helping women writers reach their highest potential. As an editor, Hend helps authors of poetry books, children’s books, novels, and non-fiction tighten their stories and improve their craft. Hend provides her coaching clients with the support and accountability they need to achieve their writing goals. Her three novels, Normal Calm, Behind Picket Fences, and Even in the Breaks, explore the expansive themes of love, forgiveness and sisterhood. Hend currently lives in Egypt with her husband and four children. To learn more about her editing and coaching services, please visit