Poetic Justice Project: Do You Hear Us?

A Word

Sometimes we can’t wait for the world to change around us but that doesn’t mean that the change cannot begin within us. The hardest thing to accept is that we are imperfect and the more we ignore our flaws, the more deeper and darker they become.

In this post, we will share some steps that we can take today to make the world a more conscious place, beginning with a more conscious self.

1. Be Intentional

With intention, comes focus and with focus we become clear on the work we need to do to take a step towards goodness. So begin by making the intention to be better for the sake of Allah.

2. Face Our Shadow Side

A lot of the time, we are totally unaware of our own biases. We say things like, ‘I’m not a racist, my best friend is black!’ as if this gives us permission to talk freely about our totally unethical opinions. You can take this test to learn if you are bias:

The Race Test
 3. What did Allah Say About It?

There are so many authentic sources in Islam which talk explicitly about the dangers of racism. The very first racist was the devil himself whose pride deluded him into thinking he was better than the human race.  Here’s a good place to start:

Racism in our ranks | Video lecture by Abdullah Oduro PLUS toolkit
4. Embrace Our Differences

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘I don’t see any differences between you and me!’ (Maybe not in these exact words but the sentiment still stands). Color blind is still a kind of blindness.

5. Appreciate Our Similarities

And yet their are so many things that we as humans and Muslims have in common: values, goals and purpose.

6. Expand Our Point Of View

When we seek friendship with people based on goodness rather than soley on worldly focuses, we grow as humans.

7. Speak Out

Now we have done the work (or whilst we are doing the work), its time to advocate for those who are being treated unjustly because of the color of their skin. When we hear about another trigger happy cop, unite with movements to speak out against racism. There’s plenty.  We hope you found these tips helpful and you might have noticed that our main focus is to improve the self and then we can truly make an impact in the world around us.

We want to end with a shout out to our amazing poets who made this campaign possible:
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Shaista Hussain @islamic_poetry_spiritual
Maaj @ipoetic
Tahira Rajwani @Tahira_rajwani
Aamila Sameem @aamilasameem
Maryama Sillah @foreva_unsp0ken
Saeema Majid @little_pearls_of_wisdom
Peacock Poetry @peacocksecretspoetry